Sun, 03 Dec 2023

Submit a News Releases on Charlotte

Newsworthy stories are welcome and may be submitted in the form of a News Release for publication on Charlotte Star.

Whether it be for an industry, or company announcement, news of a special event, sports fixture, promotion within your firm, or some other activity or event that you believe should be brought to the attention of Charlotte Star's readers, please feel free to use this service.

Your contribution should be written as a news story, and you can add a photo, and if applicable a link to your Web site or a page that relates to the item your release is about.

Your release will be subject to an editorial review, for which there is a nominal charge, and if approved will be published on Charlotte Star and you will be notified by email (whether it is approved or not), and if published we will provide you with a link to the story.

The advantage of news releases is that you get your item of interest published, you create a permanent one-way link from Charlotte Star to your site which could enhance your pagerank (if you choose to provide a link). Additionally you will be provided with a link to the news story which you can promote on your site if you wish.

The administrative cost of the editorial review is USD $10.95. If you require a photo there is a further cost of $1.95. Similarly if you require a link there is a further $1.95 cost. You should be aware that your release could be edited to improve its newsworthiness, and if it comprises offensive content it may not be approved.


Publish news of your business, community or sports group, personnel appointments, major event and more by submitting a news release to (Newspaper Times).

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